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Application case

Implantology Cases

Integral fusion of patient’s CT and oral scan data via 3D virtual surgical planning to visualize the placement, depth and axial view of the implant lead to a precise and accurate digital implant design. Generally there are dental support guide, mucosal support guide and bone support guide.

yazhichi.png l_pics11.png
Tooth-borne guides

Application scene: The guide is fixed on the adjacent tooth of the edentulous area. It is suitable for single tooth defect or dentition defect with small number of missing teeth.

Advantage: good stability, no flap in the operation, short operation time and fast recovery time

mozhichi.png mozhichi2.png
Mucosal-borne guides

Application scene: The guide is directly fixed on the mucous membrane of the edentulous area, which is suitable for dentition defect or dentition missing with multiple Continuous teeth missing.

Advantage: Visual implantation that can control the implanting site and depth effectively and simplify the surgical complexity.

Orthodontic Cases

We collect the scan image data of patient’s facial structure, lateral skull, and oral before reconstructing them via 3D digital software, giving us a precise detail of the shape and size to fabricate.

tuocaodingweidaoban2.png tuocaodingweidaoban2-427.png
Bracket positioning guide

Application scene: Assist orthodontic bracket bonding to achieve accurate placement of traditional brackets.

Advantage: The orthodontic bracket can be quickly attached in one time and the operation process is simple.

yinxingzhengji.png yinxingzhengji2.png
Invisible Orthodontics

Application scene: print orthodontic dental models by 3D printer, and press the invisible braces on the dental molds by thermoplastic molding process

Advantage: Try on the same day. restart rate is small. And the clinic can carry do this business independently.

Prosthodontics Cases

Design the effect of restoration immediately in the office according to the patient's dental model data. Digital smile design service can be provided to realize immediate restoration.

l_pics17.png l_pics17-779.png
Temporary crown

Application scene: use biocompatible materials to print temporary crown. The temporary crown is used for temporary bonding in the mouth of the patient after tooth preparation until the permanent crown is completed.

yemoyadian.png yemoyadian2.png
Night Mouth Guard

Application scene: A protective braces designed for teeth grinding while sleeping to prevent teeth from being worn out.

Advantage: Expand the business scope of small and medium-sized clinics