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Digital diagnostic model technology training


MoonSmile Participated at the Shenzhen Asian-pacific Dental High-tech Expo on November 14th , 2020

MoonSmile showed the cutting-edge equipment and technology of digital dentistry, and invited an excellent lecturer of SprintRay, doctor of oral implantology - Dr. Huang Shengyun from Stomatological Hospital of Shandong Provincial Hospital, to give a lecture about the standardized process of delayed Implantation with 3D Digital Guide.


Traditional oral implanting 【hospital/clinic - Technical - hospital/clinic】

Hospitals/clinics use impressions to obtain patients' oral data for diagnosis; Then communicate with the technician, entrust the technician to do the implanting plan and guide design; It takes at least two weeks (or more) for the hospital/clinic to get the implant guide for clinical surgery.

When I was young, as a member of the tooth decay family, I experienced the process of getting a mold by putting the impression material into the mouth (which can be simply understood as a silly putty that can be put into muse). The taste is unbearable and it stays for several days. It takes about two weeks before the next treatment and you can only get a dental crown. It can be seen that traditional oral implanting or prosthodontic are complicated, and patients have a long waiting period for treatment.

The steps of digital oral implanting【oral scanning - guide design - 3D printing - clinical】( the above steps are all be done in hospitals or clinics)

After sharing the procedure of traditional oral implanting, Dr. Huang shared the clinical case of digital implant surgery guide.

At present, Dr. Huang used SprintRay’s products to make digital implant surgery guides. After obtaining the oral data the patient by scanner, he communicated with the patient, designs the guide, and finally printed the models for immediate clinical treatment.

I felt relaxed after the explanation since I still have decay teeth. Which oral patient does not want to have healthy teeth? It’s trouble to book treatment and most people want to sleep at home instead of going to the hospital. With the digital 3D printing, I can finally continue to eat candy and treat my teeth happily!

According to Dr. Huang, after the hospitals began to promote digital implantology, they received compliments from the patients.

The effect of digital surgery guide on prosthodontic is obvious.

First, the dentist can predict the bite and aesthetics in advance;

Secondly, temporary prosthodontic can be designed in advance;

Finally, and most importantly, immediate prosthodontic during surgery can be easily achieved.

The lecture provided by Dr. Huang was very useful,and the doctors here further learned digital dental applications and clinical cases in implant guides. Thanks to Dr. Huang.

In addition to Dr. Huang's lecture, the digital dental one-stop service experience presented by MoonSmile also attracted numerous visitors' attention and on-site consultation.

Digital dental one-stop service steps


Step 1- 5 shows the professional dental 3Dprinter and supported products, which aims to improve the efficiency of dental treatment process and make dentists feel more convenient service experience.

Look forward to seeing you next time.